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John McGrath: Get there faster

John McGrath, Chief Executive of McGrath Estate Agents says “Ignore the economy and your competitors, and focus on what really matters”.

Jo Oliveri: Business by Design

‘Business by design’ and ‘Business by default’ are two very different things. It is time to put yourself in control of making your business happen rather than just letting it happe

Brett Robinson: The art of managing sales people

If you replace traditional “sales meetings” with “productivity meetings” and one-on-one discussions you will be far more likely to achieve the desired results with your sales people, says Brett Robinson.

Jo Oliveri: Buying a Rent Roll

Jo Oliveri from ireviloution intelligence says if you are thinking of acquiring a rent roll as part of your growth strategy, you need to perform both operational and financial due diligence prior to purchase.

Bill Robertson: Success is a team effort

If you have had no luck recruiting “seasoned” real estate professionals from competitive agencies, then you may need to look at the subject of recruitment with a fresh pair of eyes.

Carol Riley: Dispute Resolution

One of areas that many Principals find difficult to deal with is dispute resolution. Disputes may arise when a complaint is made that is either not dealt with at all, or is poorly handled. The result of both is frustration, and this can lead to a full-blown dispute that does need to be resolved.


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