Market Property

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A large part of being a successful agent or property manager is the ability to effectively market property. This course provides a useful framework for Agents of all levels. Once you have purchased this course, click on the title "Market Property" to begin.



Advertising and promotion must be interlinked and together they form the basis of a marketing program.

Methods of promoting properties

Every listing will, most likely, require a variety of methods of promotion. This module examines the various methods of promoting property.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan you choose to promote and advertise the property will depend on what is in the best interests of the client. However, concerns such as the type and presentation of the property should also play a role in determining the best strategy.

Property Inspections

Unless you have physically inspected the property you will not be in a position to adequately describe it. You cannot list residential property for sale or rent without conducting a physical inspection and completing a report to the owner.

Physical Presentation

Your role as agent is to provide advice on how the property is presented to achieve the most desirable outcome.

Monitoring the results

To ensure that you are effectively marketing a property, your promotion and advertising has to be constantly monitored and evaluated.


What should you say in your advertisement?


How you can use the internet to effectively market property


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