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Don’t Stress: Marianne Hynes

The pressures of being a property manager can take a heavy toll on your efficiency and your health. We take a look at some of the things you can do to lower your stress levels and get more productive.

Increasing your conversions

New Zealand Property Management Profits Director Aaron Clancy covers some of the reasons prospective clients may be talking to you and what you need to do to increase your conversion rates.

Are you collecting what you deserve?

With so much going on each day in a hectic property management department, it can be easy for fees in addition to your basic management charges to go astray. Natalie Hastings, Director of Hastings+Co offers some handy pointers on making sure you’re earning all you deserve from the rent roll you care for so diligently

Bonus Case Study: Coronis Realty

Coronis Realty in Queensland is one of Australia’s largest Real Estate businesses, and they continue to grow at a rapid rate. Their secret to rent roll growth? A team that both loves and owns the company, according to Andrew Coronis and Jodi Ford


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