Sale by Private Treaty

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This course equips the student the knowledge required to sell and finalise the sale of all types of property by private treaty. It includes qualifying buyers, arranging for potential buyers to inspect listed properties, delivering effective sales presentations, submitting offers and negotiating property sale with sellers and buyers and maintaining communications with sellers and prospective buyers. It also includes monitoring the process between exchange of contracts and settlement for all types of property and businesses and preparing documentation for agency disbursements.


The listing presentation

Before you can make a sale, you must have something to sell. This lesson outlines the things that should be incorporated in the listing presentation.


This lesson includes the rules surrounding the inspection of property, including tenanted property.

The Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct governing the industry set out the obligations which agents must adhere to. These Rules of Conduct form part of the legislative environment in which you operate.


How to be effective in keeping your vendor appraised of enquiries and other developments.

Qualifying the buyer

Length: 0 minutes

How to qualify and determine the true motivation of the potential buyer.

Terms and conditions

Once the vendor and the purchaser have reached an agreement, everything that has been agreed to needs to be documented.


A summary of what you have learned in this course.

Test your knowledge

This lesson details the assessment activity you must complete to earn your 12 NSW CPD points.


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