Sales Dojo: Learn from the Best

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In "Sales Dojo" we have taken some of what we consider to be the best articles and topics on Sales and Selling from writers and contributors on Elite Agent Magazine and wrapped them up into one action-packed CPD Course.


Just walk away: Tony Rowe

Knowing when not to take on a listing is as important a skill as any other in this game. The question is how do you arrive at that decision?

Stand out marketing: Kevin Turner

Marketing is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and keep the customer”. The last sentence gives a clue as to where most real estate agents go wrong with their marketing – ‘identify, satisfy and keep the customer’. Does your marketing achieve those three goals?

Marketing the worst house: Renece Brewster

Congratulations – the worst house in the world is now your listing! The damp rises faster than you can say ‘no cooling off period’ and the current tenants are furry and squeaking.

Real Estate Agents: Ready to Rumble

Glenn Twiddle refereed the first ever ‘Real Estate Smack down’ and over 700 agents registered for the most attended Real Estate Internet webinar in recent history. In one corner was Chris ’Lightning Fast’ Gilmour and in the other was Aaron ‘The Hammer’ Shiner.

Are you productive or just busy: Rik Rushton

As we approach each day with our ‘to do lists’ there is a genuine risk that our days can be spent being ‘busy’ with ‘activities’ as opposed to being productive on specific outcomes.


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